Vol.3 – Issue 4 (April– 2019)

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Production and Estimation of the Rate of Formation of a Complex, [Co (NH3)6](NO3)3 from a Labile Complex, [Co(NH3)6]Cl3 at Varying Concentrations Of AgNO3
Authors: M. N. Yaro; Aminu Dauda; I. A. Bashir; Hamza Badamasi
Synthesis, Ft-ir And Nmr Characterization Of New 1,3-bis(2-(2hydroxyphenylaminomethyl)phenoxymethyl)-2,4,6-tri-methylbenzene
Authors: Iliyasu A. Bashir; Muhammad N. Yaro; Abdulmalik Shehu; Ishaq Y. Habib
Really, Is Einstein Wrong? – An Opinion
Authors: J. Ladvánszky
Transient Stability Analysis Of Power Systems With Energy Storage
Authors: Samuel Oluwole Akere; Kingsley M. Udofia; Kalu Constance
Optimization Of Power Losses And Voltages On Transmission Lines Using Fact-device Technique
Authors: Udoetuk, Anietie Ita; Okpura I. Nseobong; Njoku Felix Anayo
Clustering Of Cellular Devices With Self-Organizing Map (Som) Algorithm Based On Free Space Pathloss Computed Received Signal Strength
Authors: Kufre M. Udofia
An Assessment Of Solar-powered Soybean Farm Basin Irrigation Water Supply System
Authors: Ozuomba, Simeon; Victor Akpaiya Udom; Sam Basseyasuquo